This very special Lola T70 (see detailed history below), has the distinction of being the racecar that Brian Redman went from being a good club racer to an International star, later driving for the factory Porsche and Ferrari teams and winning countless International races and Championships.

Afterwards, it was sold to Robin Darlington, who won several races with it and "lent" it to Peter Gethin, who also scored victories.  It was then sold to America and carried on racing there.



Sold to Charles Bridges. Red Rose Racing Team for Brian Redman.  Engine No: TS51. (Team Surtees).

After an E Type Jaguar, Brian Redman found SL71/27 “A revelation!”  Very fast, but Brian was well up to coping with it, winning at Rufforth, his fifth race, and taking four fourth places in the 1966 season.

08/4: Archie Scott-Brown Memorial Trophy. Snetterton. B. Redman. DNF.
29/4: Tourist Trophy. Oulton Park.:  B. Redman. # 28; 13th.
14/5: Daily Express Trophy. Silverstone. B. Redman. 4th.
28/5: Grovewood Trophy. Mallory Park. B. Redman. 3rd in first heat, DNF in second. (Damaged wheel).
18/6: Rufforth: lap record, 1m 12.8, 84.07mph. B.Redman. # 39; 1st.
17/7: Brands Hatch: Support race to British G.P. 5.9 engine. B. Redman; 4th..
14/8: Croft. B. Redman; DNF. Accident.
29/8: Guards Trophy. Brands Hatch. B. Redman. # 33; DNF.

At the end of 1966, Robin Darlington, a gentleman farmer, bought SL71/27 and scored six victories with it!  Peter Gethin drove it at Oulton Park and won also.

Sold to Robin Darlington
1/10: Club race. Silverstone G.P. circuit. R. Darlington. # 154; 1st.
9/10: BARC Club handicap. Silverstone. R. Darlington; 1st.
Silverstone Club lap record. 59.4 97.45mph. R. Darlington.
27/12: BRSCC meeting, Mallory Park. Formula Libre, R. Darlington; 1st.

22/1.:Racing car show Trophy meeting, Brands Hatch. Guards Trophy. R. Darlington;.DNF after spin into ditch (no damage)
12/3: Sports cars 10 laps. R. Darlington; DNF on last lap with broken rocker. Fastest lap 50.0s.
24/3: Oulton Park: R. Darlington; 1st.
24/3: Formula Libre. Oulton Park. P. Gethin 1st.
24/3: Sports car 10 laps. Oulton Park. R. Darlington. 1st.
09/4: Formula libre. Snetterton.2nd. R. Darlington.
16/4: Brands Hatch: T. Lanfranchi. 2nd after clutch failed.
23/4: Leicester cup. Mallory Park. Richard Kennedy; DNF when anti-roll bar came loose
23/4:Sports racing10 laps. Mallory Park. R. Darlington, 2nd

In April, 1967, David Bridges bought SL71/27 and sold it to Southwest Spring , which was an 18 wheeler tractor & trailer suspension repair co. in Chicago, USA. 

 In recent years, SL71/27 has surfaced in original, but "used(!)" condition and is under restoration.

2008: Under restoration in U.S.A.