Now Offering: LG600 Gearboxes


LG600 Gearboxes


New Reproduction Hewland
LG600 Gearboxes in Aluminum.

Great for any big V8 (Ford,Chevy, Chrisler, et al ), Mid engine cars, the good old Hewland 5 speed LG600 gearboxes are usually the transmission of choice.

It was first introduce in 1964, It was made in magnesium and are now old and scarce.

A new, aluminum cased LG600 MKII is now available.
These boxes complete are 17 lb heavier than those made in magnesium but are stronger and less noisy than the magnesium ones. Additionally, the side plates are of the thicker, stronger MKii variety, thus making for a strong, long lasting gearbox.
These cases are made with the best state of the art process and use the best material available today.

Spec sheets and prices available upon request.

Please note: Magnesium case is available on special orders.